トモチル愛国者の行事「国家英雄勲章獲得作戦」開催のお知らせ/The Final PDCA Event 'Operation Heroes of the Motherland'

*English Translation below.







  • 2017年11月1日(水)まで



  • 結果発表は、目標を達成された皆さまのSENアカウントへのお知らせをもって代えさせて頂きます。
  • 目標を達成された方に、「特製PS4®アバターセット」を授与いたします。対象者には、SENアカウントへのお知らせを2017年11月下旬頃に順次お送りいたします。 プレゼントのお知らせは、SENアカウントにサインインをしたPS4®、PS APPにて受け取ることができます。 受取り方法の詳細は、後日プレイヤーズインフォメーションにてお知らせいたします。




「The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)ヒーローアバターセット」

※「勲章」の獲得状況はOPTIONSボタンから「PLAYER INFO」「勲章」の項目にて確認可能です。



The Final PDCA Event 'Operation Heroes of the Motherland'

We are proud to announce the start of the final in-game PDCA event, 'Operation Heroes of the Motherland'. Comrades who complete their objectives in this challenge by November 1st (Wed) will receive a special avatar to use on their PS4. Don't miss this chance to receive such a unique reward comrades!

What is Operation Heroes of the Motherland?

Operation Heroes of the Motherland is an event where each comrade is tasked with collecting badges in game. Comrades who have managed to earn 50 or more badges by the end of the event will be gifted with a special reward.

Event Period

  • Until November 1st 2017 (Wed)

*Data will be collected at 17:00 on the last day of the event.

Announcement of Results and Distribution of Awards

  • The announcement of the results will be sent to all comrades who completed their objectives via their SEN account.
  • All comrades who have completed their objectives will be given a special edition PS4® avatar. The notifications of such hard working comrades will be sent to all accounts in late November. The award itself will be given to the SEN account signed in to the PS4® or PS App. More details on how to redeem this reward will be given via another player's info post in the coming days.

Objectives and Target

The objective of this event is for comrades to have collected 50 or more badges via the in game conditions set for each badge. All badges earned from when service started until it ends will be counted.

List of Rewards
50 or More Badges Earned People's Honor Badge (PS4 Avatar Set)

Badges earned before July 6th 217 will also be counted towards the total for this objective.

*The current badges who of unlocked can be seen by pressing the OPTIONS button and check Badges in Players Info.

Make sure not to miss this unique chance! We hope you all enjoy!




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