Guide to Closed Online Test

Welcome to Everybody's Golf Closed Online Test! In this test, we are going to test the server load by having a large quantity of guest players access the online feature. We have limited the time period and content you can play in this test. (Please refer to this page for the differences from the retail version.) Although the time and content are limited, please enjoy a portion of Everybody's Golf's golfer life. In this article, we will briefly explain what kind of activities you can participate in during this test and how to read the screen.

Things you can do in the closed online test

In the closed online test, you can play two online modes: "Open Course" and "Turf War." You can enter each mode from the Home Area or by selecting it from the Menu with the OPTIONS button.

Open Course

In the online open course, you can spend time any way you like by playing golf or chatting with other players. In this test, only the Eagle City OUT course is playable. Please give some of the following activities a try.

  • Try 1H or 9H round and compete with the players around the world to place high in the rankings.
  • Aim for being listed in the Daily Drive Contest rankings to compete for the longest tee shot during a round of 1H or 9H round.
  • Join the Daily Tournament (9H round daily rankings) and acquire the item of the month as a prize the next day in game time.
  • The event called Lucky Chance will be held on a regular basis. Join it and grab the rewards.
  • Multiple items will appear somewhere on the course once a day. Walk around to find them.
  • Customize your character with clothes you obtained or purchased at the shop.
  • Communicate with other players using in-game chat or gestures.
  • Build your characters through golf play.

Turf War

In Turf War, players are divided into two teams, Red Team and Blue Team, and compete to claim holes. In this test, Turf War begins when six or more players gather. Give this new twist on golf a try!

  • Gain points as many as possible within the limited time.
  • Always pay attention to your team's performance and pick a right hole to play
  • Gain more points than your team mates and try to get MVP.

How to read the screen

On the Open Course

  1. While character ability grows separate for each type of club, these numbers show overall player development. Please note that these stats are capped during this test.
  2. Whether you have joined the Daily Tournament (9H round daily rankings) or not is displayed. You can play 9H round on the open course from the menu brought up by the OPTIONS button or from Hole 1.
  3. Multiple items will be dropped somewhere on the course once a day. If you find at least one, you will be shown the holes other items are positioned closest to.
  4. You can acquire coins as rewards if score par or lower. You can check which holes you have acquired coins from. There are also dud holes with no coins to be won.
  5. This makes it easy to tell which hole is located in which direction on the large open course.

During Rounds

  1. The hole information for the round. The full length and par are shown. The image above shows that the result will be par if the player holes out with the 4th stroke and the hole is 309 yards long.
  2. The (par and point) score of a hole during rounds and the attributes of the selected club.
  3. A rough indication of the arrival position of the ball when a player hits the ball with full power at just the right moment. It doesn't consider wind or inclination of the ground, so players have to predict those effects and adjust the direction of their stroke accordingly.
  4. Wind direction and force. These influence the flying distance and landing position of the ball.
  5. A bird's eye view of the hole during a round. The red flag shows the cup position.
  6. The inclination of the ground where the ball is located. If the ground inclines to the right, for example, a ball will fly rightward. The percentage shown underneath indicates the influence on flying distance by ground conditions. For example, when it says [97%~100%], that means that a player can achieve 97%~100% of the standard flying distance if they hit a stroke with full power.
  7. The shot gauge. You can shoot by pressing X button three times. The gauge begins moving with the first press, the power is determined with the second, and the timing of impact is determined with the third. If the impact is too early or too late, the ball will veer to the right or left.
  8. The type of a club selected. You can switch to other clubs by pressing L1 or R1.


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