Differences between the Closed Online Test and the Retail Version

Thank you very much for participating in the Everybody's Golf closed online test. The closed online test version (COT version) differs from the retail version, with only limited playable elements. Here is a brief introduction of the elements available in the retail version.

Challenge Mode

Though this is not available in the COT version, players experience dramatic growth immensely as a golfer in this title by making progress in the offline challenge mode.
In the retail version's challenge mode, aim for the best score in the various tournaments, each with their own special rules, and face off against a number of unique rival characters than seen before. Can you make it to the end?

Character Customization

In the COT version, players can edit only a small portion of the character customization parts.
In the retail version, new parts can be collected in various ways including purchases at the shop, picking them up on the open course, and making progress in the challenge mode!

Local Multiplayer In the retail version, players can enjoy the offline multiplayer mode as well with up to 4 players. Multiplayer mode can be played either with one controller or multiple controllers!
Clubs and Balls In the retail version, players will be able to obtain golf clubs with various stats as they progress through the game. Some of them have impressive stats, but it won't be easy to collect them all. There are a wide variety of balls as well.
Home Area This is the hub of "Golf Island" and the first place players enter. In the retail version, however, players can enjoy more game modes, conversation with NPCs, and events than the COT version. Also, certain items may become available as players progress through the game in the retail version.
Caddy Players can use only 1 caddy in the COT version, but they will be able to gain new caddies by meeting conditions in the retail version.
Character Growth In the COT version, character growth is restricted by low stat caps. Players will be able to improve their stats further in the retail version.
Activity Fishing, golf carts, and swimming will be unlocked as players progress through the game in the retail version. The further you go, the more fun you can have on the open courses.
Course Only Eagle City OUT 9H is available in the COT version, but the retail version offers many more courses! More courses will be added in future updates.
Open Course The conditions on the open courses changes every day. The same course would feel different when the conditions change completely.
Shot Skill Though players will only have access to a few super shots in the COT version, other shot skills can be learned through game progression in the retail version. You might even see the return of an old favorite from previous titles.
Gallery Though there is a limited number of gallery NPCs in the COT version, more and more people will become your fans as you progress through the retail version. Having more fans may benefit you...
Shop The product lineup in the shop will increase in the retail version. Use balls and fashion items to customize your character! If you're connected to online, the lineup in the shop changes on a regular basis. Get your favorite gears and fashion items and customize your character!
Online Modes The online elements available in the COT version aren't all you can get in the retails version. Matching type mode and international tournaments are planned to be added.

There's much more fun to be had in the retail version!
Get ready to fly solo or join your friends and others online for a round of golf in Everybody's Golf, coming soon.


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