第8回『トモチル愛国者の行事』を6月8日(木)より開催! / The 8th PTCA event will start on Thursday, 8th of June!

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  • 2017年6月8日(木) ~ 6月28日(水)



  • 2017年7月4日(火) プレイヤーズインフォメーションにて発表予定



10万人復活 愛国党員ポイント100 + 貢献度5,000
20万人復活 愛国党員ポイント200 + 貢献度20,000
30万人復活 愛国党員ポイント500 + 貢献度50,000




労働監査局で貢献度"10,000"以上を清算 記念メダル1枚 + 貢献値10,000
労働監査局で貢献度"30,000"以上を清算 記念メダル3枚 + 貢献度30,000

住民服(バブル) + 記念メダル5枚 

+ 貢献度50,000



The 8th PTCA event will take place from Thursday the 8th of June!

Starting Thursday, June 8th, PTCA will be hosting a limited time in-game event called "Operation Revivers March". If the objectives below are achieved by the Wednesday, June 28th, we will be awarding all comrades who participated with in-game items as gratitude for their contributions. We will also be awarding a special item to comrades who succeed in achieving the individual objectives we have set as well. This is an operation not to be missed!

What is Operation Revivers March?

The Operation Revivers March is an event which will call all comrades to utilize their rescue apparatus to revive the Matryoshka, one of the most important items in the game in an effort to restore civilization. The event itself will have 3 levels of overall objectives and 3 levels of individual ones set.

Event Period

  • June 8th 2017 (Thu) to June 28th 2017 (Wed)

*Data will be collected from the event start time until 23:59 on the last day.

Results Announcement

  • The results will be announced on Players Information on July 4th 2017 (Tue). We will announce how rewards will be given during the announcement of the results.

Overall Objectives and Rewards

Work with you fellow comrades in an effort to save civilization! We will be awarding in-game items based on the total number of Matryoshka saved in all towns.

List of rewards
100 Thousand Revived 100 Party Member Stamps + 5,000 Toil Score
200 Thousand Revived 200 Party Member Stamps + 20,000 Toil Score
300 Thousand Revived 500 Party Member Stamps + 50,000 Toil Score

*All players who have revived at least one "Matryoshka" with the "Rescue Apparatus" will be eligible for these rewards.

Individual Objectives and Rewards

For these objectives you will need to report to the Ministry of Labor in each town to have the toils points assessed for your contributions in saving civilization. If the universal goal of 100 Thousand revivals is achieved and you all achieve a personal toil of 50,000 (*) or more you will also be rewarded with a special costume "Sea Foam".

List of Rewards
Have 10,000 Redeemed at the Ministry of Labor 1 Memorial Medal + 10,000 Toil
Have 30,000 Redeemed at the Ministry of Labor 3 Memorial Medals + 30,000 Toil
Have 50,000 Redeemed at the Ministry of Labor

Sea Foam Costume + 5 Memorial Medals + 50,000 Toil

*This target is the total number of toil points assessed at the Ministry of Labor. (Negative score from snubs and deaths are also counted.)

We look forward to your participation!




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