第7回『トモチル愛国者の行事』結果発表 / Results of the 7th PTCA Event

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2017年5月11日(木)~ 5月31日(水)に開催した第7回『トモチル愛国者の行事』<イズベルグ討伐推進作戦>の結果を発表いたします。

イズベルグ討伐ポイントの目標数 1,000,000~5,000,000 ポイント
獲得したイズベルグ討伐ポイント 8,495,679 ポイント

500位のイズベルグ討伐ポイント獲得ボーダー 4,840ポイント以上
1000位のイズベルグ討伐ポイント獲得ボーダー 1,236ポイント以上
5000位のイズベルグ討伐ポイント獲得ボーダー 60ポイント以上



  • 全体向けの報酬:
    100万ポイント 愛国党員ポイント50
    300万ポイント 愛国党員ポイント100 + 貢献度10,000
    500万ポイント 記念メダル1枚 + 愛国党員ポイント200 + 貢献度20,000


  • 個人向けの報酬:
    1~500位 住民服(ボタニカル) + 貢献度50,000 + 記念メダル5枚
    501~1000位 愛国者のリュック + 記念メダル3枚
    1001~5,000位 愛国党員ポイント 100



  • 2017年6月8日(木)から2017年6月30日(金)まで


  • 配布期間中、町に入場した際に、「特典」として受け取ることができます。

引き続き『The Tomorrow Children』 をよろしくお願いいたします。

Results of the 7th PTCA Event

The results of the 7th PTCA Event "Operation Conqueror's Wrath" held on May 11th (Thu) through the May 31th (Wed), 2017 are in.

Combined Comrade Target
Target Izverg Elimination Points 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Points
Accumulated Izverg Elimination Points 8,495,679 Points

Individual Comrade Target
Borderline amount of Party Member Stamps to rank amongst the top 500 4,840 Points or more
Borderline amount of Party Member Stamps to rank amongst the top 1000 1,236 Points or more
Borderline amount of Party Member Stamps to rank amongst the top 5000 60 Points or more

Thanks to everyone's tremendous contribution, we were able to complete the mission and collectively have acquired 5 Million points! All of the comrades who completed their missions, we will be receiving the following rewards.

1 Million Points 50 Party Member Stamps
3 Million Points 100 Party Member Stamps + 10,000 Toil Points
5 Million Points 1 Memorial Medal + 200 Party Member Stamps + 20,000 Toil Points

Eligible Persons:Any comrades who have earned 10 or more Ivzerg expulsion points will be eligible to receive the above rewards.

  • Personal Rewards:
    1st - 500th Place Herbalist Costume + 50,000 Toil Points + 5 Memorial Medals
    500th -1000th Place PTCA Pack + 3 Memorial Medals
    1001st -5000th Place 100 Party Member Stamps

    Eligible Persons:Rewards will be received by any comrades who have achieved a personal score which places them in the top 5000 players, if the overall objective of at least 1 Million expulsion points is achieved.

Reward Period

  • June 8th 2017 (Thu) to June 30th 2017 (Fri)

How to Claim Rewards

  • You will receive your reward bonus when entering a town at any point during the reward period noted above.

We hope you continue to enjoy The Tomorrow Children.




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