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サウンドトラックセールのお知らせ/The Tomorrow Children Official Soundtrack is on Sale

*English Translation below.

『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』サウンドトラックアプリセールのお知らせ

本日2017年6月29日(木)から2017年7月19日(水)までの期間限定で、「The Tomorrow Chldren」サウンドトラックアプリのセールを行います。通常価格から最大50%OFFとなりますので、この機会にぜひご利用ください!



『The Tomorrow Children』サウンドトラック \1296 \647 (50%Off) \777 (40%Off)

PlayStation®Store 購入ページはこちら


2つの相反する要素を融合させた、『The Tomorrow Children』のサウンドは『Unfinished Swan』や『ホホクム』の作曲を手掛け、高い評価を得たジョエル・コレリッツ氏によって生み出されました。

コレリッツ氏の楽曲を軸に、さまざまなスタッフが国を越えて協力し描き出した『The Tomorrow Children』の独特な世界を、全19曲の楽曲でご堪能いただけるサウンドトラックとなっております。


PlayStation®Store 購入ページはこちら 

『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』サウンドトラック



  • 01:明日の子供たち
  • 02:しつらえの太陽
  • 03:栄光のマーチ
  • 04:娘たちのたわむれ
  • 05:凱旋の宴
  • 06:破壊の悪魔バンクローツ
  • 07:祖国は愛に包まれて
  • 08:裂ける時空
  • 09:賢者の眼差し
  • 10:トロイカ / ロシア民謡
  • 11:すべてのはじまり
  • 12:発見のよろこび
  • 13:労働賛歌
  • 14:ガラスの向こうにともる灯
  • 15:イズベルグ強襲
  • 16:革命の夜明け
  • 17:闇夜のボイド
  • 18:出撃!フラーニカ 勝利は我らに
  • 19:大地が胎動する


The Tomorrow Children Official Soundtrack is on Sale

We are pleased to announce that The Tomorrow Children Official Soundtrack will be on sale for a limited time starting from today the 15th June 2017 (Thu) until 19th July 2017 (Wed). The soundtrack will be discounted up to 50% of its normal price, so don't miss this opportunity to pick it up!

Sale Details

Sale Period: 29th June 2017 (Thu) to 29th July 2017 (Wed)

Sale ItemNormal Price (Inc. Tax)Sale Price
PlayStation®Plus MembersNon-PlayStation®Plus Members
The Tomorrow Children Official Soundtrack \1296


\777 (40%Off)

See the PlayStation®Store Page here

Don't miss the chance to pick up the catchy propaganda filled themes of The Tomorrow Children and find yourself humming along to them without thinking.

Enjoy the combination of the dark mechanical and mysterious world themes brought forth by the sound of the synthesizer. The combination of these two contrasting elements was brought to life by the highly praised composer Joel Corelitz, famous for his work on the 'Unfinished Swan' and 'Hohokum'.

With Corelitz in the centre, many creators from all over the world worked together to produce the 19 tracks which helped to create the unique world of The Tomorrow Children.

We hope you enjoy comrades! May the music motivate you on your daily toils!

See the PlayStation®Store Page here

The Tomorrow Children Soundtrack

Price: \1,200 + Tax

Track Number: 19 (43 Minutes)

  • 01:Children of Tomorrow
  • 02:Ceramic Sunrise
  • 03:March of Glory
  • 04:Girl at Play
  • 05:Feast pf Triumph
  • 06:Bankrotz, Destroyer
  • 07:Hearts of the Homeland
  • 08:Shattered Phase
  • 09:Eye of the Ruler
  • 10:Troika / Russian Traditional Song
  • 11:Beginning of Everything
  • 12:Unearthed Moments
  • 13:Ministry of Labor Anthem
  • 14:Embers behind Glass
  • 15:March of the Izverg
  • 16:Dawn of Revolution
  • 17:Void of Shadows
  • 18:The Might of Furarnika
  • 19:Mother Waits Within

*The soundtrack can be exported as an MP3 file from the PlayStation®4 to USB storage.




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