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『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』大感謝セールのお知らせ/The Tomorrow Children Thank You Sale

*English Translation below.

『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』大感謝セールのお知らせ

『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』は2016年9月にサービスを開始し、今まで多くの同志の皆さまにご愛顧頂いて参りました。2017年11月1日(水)をもちまして本サービスを終了いたしますが、皆さまに最後まで『The Tomorrow Children』をお楽しみいただけるよう、2017年7月7日(金)より、「大感謝セール」を実施いたします。


セール期間: 2017年7月7日(金)~9月28日(木)

「『The Tomorrow Children』建国者パック」のセール


建国者パック ¥2700 ¥1,350 (50%Off) ¥1,620 (40%Off)
外貨 100 ¥108 ¥53 (50%Off) ¥64 (40%Off)
外貨 200 ¥216 ¥107 (50%Off) ¥129 (40%Off)
外貨 500 ¥540 ¥270 (50%Off) ¥324 (40%Off)
外貨 800 ¥864 ¥431 (50%Off) ¥518 (40%Off)
外貨 1,050 ¥1,080 ¥540 (50%Off) ¥648 (40%Off)
外貨 2,150 ¥2,160 ¥1,080 (50%Off) ¥1,728 (40%Off)
外貨 5,800 ¥5,400 ¥2,700 (50%Off) ¥3,780 (40%Off)
外貨 12,000 ¥10,800 ¥5,400 (50%Off) ¥6,480 (40%Off)

PlayStation®Store 購入ページはこちら



※サービス終了後、『The Tomorrow Children』のゲーム本編はプレイできなくなります。



セール期間: 2017年7月13日(木)~11月1日(水)17時まで


  • コスチューム、ジェスチャー、バッグ
  • 許可証、ブースト缶、ボイドパワー
  • 住民手帳、免許


『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』史上最大のセールとなりますので、是非お楽しみください!

The Tomorrow Children Thank You Sale

Since The Tomorrow Children service began in September 2016, we have been amazed by the patronage of all of our comrades in the game. As such, while the service will be closing on 1st of November 2017, we wanted to say thanks to you all, and in order for all of our comrades to enjoy The Tomorrow Children until the end, we will be having a Thank You Sale from the 7th of July 2017 (Fri).

Sale Details

Sale Period: July 7th 2017 (Fri) to the September 28th 2017 (Thu)

The Tomorrow Children Frontier Pack Sale

Freeman Dollar Sale

Sale ProductStandard Prices (Inc. Tax)Discounted Prices
PlayStation®Plus MembersNon-PlayStation®Plus Members
Frontier Pack ¥2700 ¥1,350 (50%Off) ¥1,620 (40%Off)
100 Freeman Dollars ¥108 ¥53 (50%Off) ¥64 (40%Off)
200 Freeman Dollars ¥216 ¥107 (50%Off) ¥129 (40%Off)
500 Freeman Dollars ¥540 ¥270 (50%Off) ¥324 (40%Off)
800 Freeman Dollars ¥864 ¥431 (50%Off) ¥518 (40%Off)
1,050 Freeman Dollars ¥1,080 ¥540 (50%Off) ¥648 (40%Off)
2,150 Freeman Dollars ¥2,160 ¥1,080 (50%Off) ¥1,728 (40%Off)
5,800 Freeman Dollars ¥5,400 ¥2,700 (50%Off) ¥3,780 (40%Off)
12,000 Freeman Dollars ¥10,800 ¥5,400 (50%Off) ¥6,480 (40%Off)

See the PlayStation®Store here.

See details of the Frontier Pack here.

*The main game and Freeman Dollar packs will be available to buy and download on the PlayStation®Store until September 28th 2017 (Thu).

*The Tomorrow Children will not be able to play the game after the service ends.

*Please make sure to use all in-game paid content by November 1st 2017 (Wed). Please be aware that refunds for any products bought will not be available after the service ends.

In-Game Sale Details

Sale Period: July 13th 2017 (Thu) to the Nobember 1st 2017 (Wed) 17:00pm

In-Game Item Sale

  • Costumes, Gestures, Bags
  • Licenses, Boost Cans, Void Powers
  • Bourgeoisie Papers, Permits

All the above items will be available at 40% off their standard price in-game.

This is the biggest The Tomorrow Children sale we have ever had, so we hope you enjoy!




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