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この度、The Tomorrow Children(トゥモローチルドレン)は2017年11月1日にサービス終了することを発表いたしました。







  • 「私のトモチル愛」「私のトモチル名シーン」などをテーマにした、文章によるメッセージ
  • ゲーム内でSHARE機能を利用して撮影したスクリーンショットやプレイ動画
  • ご自身で創作されたトモチルをモチーフにしたイラストや立体物の画像







The Tomorrow Children Patriot Memorial Site Concept and Your Twitter Posts

Recently, we have regretfully announced that that service for The Tomorrow Children will be ending on November 1st, 2017.

We are creating a memorial site to eternalize the wonderful world of Tomorrow Children, something that has come to be loved by many,into a cherished memory for all. We are currently exploring ideas for content to post on the memorial site that will befits all our esteemed, glorious comrades.

But first! We would like to start things off by getting your Twitter posts.

Twitter posts

Starting from July 6th, 2017, use the Twitter hashtag #トモチルメモリアル to send us your messages and pictures showcasing your Tomorrow Children LOVE.

Some examples of what you can post

  • Messages with phrases themed as "My love for The Tomorrow Children" and "My Favorite Tomorrow Children Scene".
  • Screenshots and gameplay footage taken in-game using the SHARE feature.
  • Illustrations or images of works you have created based upon The Tomorrow Children.

Things to note when posting

*Content you post may also appear on the official site at a later date.

*If you are posting from a Twitter account that is not made public, we may not be able to include your post on the memorial site once it opens.

*We may refrain from posting content should we deem it inappropriate for the campaign.

*When posting screenshots and gameplay footage, please be careful about displaying your and other players' online IDs.

We the developers and operation staff are all truly excited to see your posts. There is still some time left until we open the site so please sit back and look forward to what we come up with!




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