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サーバー更新のお知らせ(2017/9/14)/Notice of Server Update: Sep 14th 2017

*English Translation below.


『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』をプレイしていただき、誠にありがとうございます。2017年9月14日(木)のサーバー更新の内容をお知らせいたします。









アップデートやオンラインサービスに関するご意見ご要望がございましたら、PlayStation®4のホーム画面の、『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』コンテンツインフォメーションエリアから遷移できる『不具合報告/ご意見』か、こちらからお送りください。

引き続き『The Tomorrow Children(トゥモロー チルドレン)』をよろしくお願いいたします。

Notice of Server Update: September 14th 2017

Thank you for playing The Tomorrow Children comrades. Please see below the details of a planned server update taking place on the 14th of September 2017.

Halloween Items will be coming back to the Game

Item NameDescriptionHow to Obtain

Pumpkin Ball

A ball shaped like a pumpkin to get you in the Halloween mood. You might hear some mysterious sounds if you kick it.

People's Workbench

Spirit Sprite Halloween Log-In Gift

We will be distributing the Spirit Sprite as a play bonus to all players who log in from today onwards. All you have to do is log in between September 14th (Thu) and November 1st (Wed)17pm and enter into any town other than the tutorial level. The costume will be added to you costume list after you log in. Please go to your Residence or a Tent in order to put on the costume.

*Any players who received the Spirit Sprite during the 2016 Halloween event will also receive a notification the first time the log in during this period, however you will no be able to receive a duplicate of this item. We apologize for the inconvenience but please close the dialogue to proceed.

For requests or feedback regarding updates and the online service, please use "Bug Reporting/Feedback" which can be accessed from "The Tomorrow Children" Content Information Area on the PlayStation®4 home page orhere.

We hope you all continue to enjoy playing The Tomorrow Children.




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